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Guided Meditations get you to the next level in your sessions.

I learned about guided meditations in Mary Ruth Van Landingham’s classes at Terra Christa in Vienna, Virginia.  She always included a guided meditation as part of each learning experience.

When Rev. Dan Chesbro taught a class at Terra Christa, he always included a guided meditation.  Looking back on his sessions, I see now they were guided meditations in and of themselves.

I bought three books at Terra Christa: “Meditations for Awakening”, “Meditations for Transformation”, and “Meditations for Healing” by Larry Moen.  These books became part of every work day, whether I was teaching or healing.

The influence of these books on my career was significant.

As a matter of fact, I wore out the Awakening book and had to buy another to replace it.  The other two need to be replaced now.

I’ve bought other guided meditation how-to books over the years.

Two that stand out  include “Guided Imagery for Groups”  by Andrew E. Schwartz and “Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps for Healing, Harmony, and Purification” by Clemence Lefevre.  I’m including them in this list because they are interesting and helpful.  Each book shows how different and honest guided meditations can be.

These 2 books each have a different approach to guided meditations.  Through the years, even though I wore out the Larry Moen books, it was important to me to expand my boundaries and use different information.  That’s how I learned.

Somehow, my learning path included one short class about writing my own guided meditations.  I took an End-of-Life Class at the New York Open Center.  Henry Fersco-Weiss taught this class over a weekend.   He included a short instruction about creating a guided meditation.  It was all I needed.

I knew after that short segment that I could do this on my own.   Even though I’ve written many guided meditations, I always return to Larry Moen’s books.  Specifically, I like to select “Lagoon” on page 20 of “Meditations for Awakening.”  I always go to this meditation in my Reiki 1 classes.

But, when you get into guided meditations, the choices are many.

I hope you’ll be motivated to incorporate guided meditations at every opportunity.

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