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Exhaustion is a Spiritual Event

Exhaustion is a spiritual event.  Spiritually, you are way overextended.  You are on a treadmill you haven’t been able to get off of.

In today’s world, the list of causes of exhaustion is seemingly endless.  For starters, a good night’s sleep is important.  Give yourself permission  to relax.

Regular reflexology, Reiki, and chakra healing  sessions can offer you relaxation you never thought you could achieve.

Exhaustion is a sense of tiredness and energy depletion that a good night’s sleep cannot fix.  If you wake up in the morning fatigued, you need to pay attention to your body, your soul, your mind, and your feelings.  This feeling, exhaustion, is a spiritual event.

If it’s any consolation, I have been where you may be now.  Exhaustion stopped me right in my tracks.    You can get over it if you can focus on it.

The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that you can get beyond your exhaustion.  You may feel that you have no energy at all.  But, you do have the energy to get beyond this feeling you experience now.


Exhaustion is an imbalance of all chakras


Until you know the cause of your exhaustion, ask your reflexologist to work your endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, and digestive system.


frankincense, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass, mandarin, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange, vetiver, ylang ylang


This is a good time to visit a nutritionist.  But, whether you do or not, clean up your diet and focus on eating clean, fresh, vegetables and fruits.  Eat the best food you can for your body.


Exhaustion is one of the best reasons I can think of to consult a medical professional.  You need to rule out any medical issues.  It is time to repair yourself and regain your health.  Get to the bottom of what is causing your exhaustion.


Better health is waiting for you.  You just need to find it.


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Thurman Greco