Reflexology For The Spirit

Depression is Your Soul Crying Out for Help.

Spiritually, your soul cries out for help.  On top of all this spiritual suffering you may also have feelings of self doubt and hopelessness.  When you deal with depression, you feel you are stuck in a storywith no positive ending.

Everyone feels sad occasionally.  Your depression is unique, just as you are unique.  There’s a difference between having the blues and being depressed.  Depression is a disease of your soul.  Chemicals alone cannot cure your depression.

Depression includes feeling sad, empty, or unhappy.  Your sleep may be disturbed.  This means you may be sleeping too much or have insomnia.  Your diet may be disturbed.  This means you may have lost your appetite or you may be gaining weight.  Your thinking, speaking, and body movements have slowed down.  You feel anxious, agitated, and restless.  You have trouble thinking, concentrating, remembering things and making decisions.  You have unexplained physical problems such as back pain or headache.

You may have clinical depression if you drink alcohol and smoke excessively, experience poor appetite and weight loss, are preoccupied with negative thoughts  of despair, and contemplate suicide.

Whatever the symptoms, depression is a prolonged feeling of unhappiness.  It may be associated with grief, divorce, or retirement.  It may be connected with childbirth.  Whatever the trigger, depression is a disease which can be overwhelming.

Consult with a physician when you begin your search for relief because popular treatments include antidepressants and psychotherapy.  Depression is extremely treatable, so go for it!

Reflexology, Reiki, and chakra healings are not cure-alls but can certainly help.  Reflexology sessions encourage homeostasis, important for positive outcomes, especially since it’s not always easy for you to find how to lift your spirits.  Your sessions will help manage the side effects of any allopathic medications you may be taking.


Your crown and heart chakras are unbalanced.


nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, endocrine system, spine, liver, and solar plexus


cedarwood, frankincense, jasmine, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, ylang ylang


Depression is a fairly complex issue resulting from numerous factors including a genetic predisposition, hormonal shifts, sedentary lifestyle, life events, underlying health issues


Begin with Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy.  Supplement the allopathic medicine with complementary and alternative medicine treatments.  Bodywork such as massage is often a positive therapy.  Depression is a case where you can wholeheartedly adopt both styles of medical care.  Synchronicity!

If you choose to add homeopathic remedies, consult with a homeopath for the treatment best suited to your needs.


bananas, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, low-fat dairy products, oats, oily fish, whole grains

Eat breakfast every day.  Eat protein at every meal.  Stay away from processed foods.  Eat more whole grains.  Better yet…get nutritional counseling!


Find out what’s going on in your head.  You’ll get to know about things that may be causing you to feel depressed.

Flower remedies can be successful.

Physical exercise promotes a positive mental attitude.  It’s important to your success in the battle to overcome depression.

Depression gives you a chance to work with parts within yourself that you don’t know about and may have repressed.  When you enter therapy and work with them, you can understand your self better while you heal and transform yourself.

When you stay connected with friends and community, your worries will be in the background.  Join a support group.  Your physician may have a list of groups available to you.  Do something you enjoy every day.  Journal about it.

Try something new.  A new hobby can get you out of your house and out of your head.

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Thurman Greco