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Anxiety Attacks – a Spiritual Event

Spiritually, an anxiety attack happens when fear takes over the situation.  Fear is a huge spiritual issue which can overcome your ability to cope.  You feel you are worthless, helpless, and cannot trust life.   You feel stuck and limited in life but don’t want to make changes.  Stress can be a factor.  Fear looms large.

Anxiety attacks usually begin suddenly and peak within a few minutes.  Symptoms include a rapid heart rate, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, chills, and a sense of impending doom.

For starters, anxiety attacks require professional help.  If you visit a Chiropractor, massage therapist, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, schedule your sessions within twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours for maximum benefit of both.

The synchronicity of your sessions (which should include Reiki, chakra healing, and reflexology) will boost the benefits of these modalities.  Your sessions will calm some side effects of drugs taken during treatment.

Do you take prescriptive drugs, herbs, or other medications for a medical condition?   Make sure everyone on your medical team knows about all drugs, herbs, oils and other medications you take.  Ask your bodyworkers to work  body systems that apply to your medications, drugs, and herbs.

Bodywork sessions during treatment can balance your chakras, encourage homeostasis, ground your systems, and support your healing process.


Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism.

Anxiety attacks are a valid reason to seek medical help.  They are hard to manage without professional help but they may worsen without treatment.  The main treatments include psychotherapy and medications.

Although many things contribute to anxiety attacks, one which is important overall is nutrition.  A qualified nutritionist can support your path toward a stress-free environment  because what you eat or don’t eat directly affects your day-to-day health.


Anxiety attacks are a seventh chakra imbalance.

REFLEXOLOGY SYSTEMS TO WORK:  endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system, liver, and solar plexus.

Work all systems which apply to any other health issues you experience.


frankincense, lavender, orange, Roman chamomile, rose, ylang ylang


Learn a breathing technique to ground yourself in your body.  Learn stress management techniques to calm yourself and overcome the stress you experience.


Why do I feel so powerless?  Why is fear interfering with my daily life?

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