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Risk Factors Don’t Act Alone

Risk factors are behaviors or conditions linked to disease.  They don’t act alone.

They create their synchronicity when they react with one another.  Some diseases, such as cancer, rely on multiple risk factors (age, habits, family history, health conditions, and environment) to manifest as diseases.  Then, again, these same diseases can develop without any known risk factors.

When disease strikes a body without risk factors, the risk factors are energetic instead of physical.  Energetic risk factors include resentment, unprocessed hurt, hatred, grief.

AGE is a risk factor in many health issues.  It’s a risk factor throughout your life.  Heart diseases and strokes take decades to develop, and children’s diseases focus on the youngest as the most vulnerable.  Emergency rooms and physicians’ waiting rooms are populated regularly with infants, children, and seniors.

DIABETES.  When you become diabetic, you are suddenly at the front of the line for a whole selection of diseases:  stroke, heart attack, cataracts, glaucoma, peripheral artery disease, diabetic foot disease, neuropathy.

DNA testing is commonplace for certain types of diseases.  I look forward to the day when people get their DNA tested routinely before the disease becomes dangerous, not after you’ve found it and are receiving drugs and trying to learn what other medical procedures are in your future.

FAMILY HISTORY OF A PARTICULAR DISEASE.  Just because a particular disease is in your family history doesn’t mean you’ll get that disease 100%.  It’s important to know about the disease and it’s important to use the knowledge to fight it.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is both a treatable disease and a silent killer.  No one should have to deal with the complications of high blood pressure.  The medication is not expensive.  High blood pressure needs treatment because it becomes a silent killer when left untreated.  Because there are few symptoms people resist the lifesaving medication.

HIGH CHOLESTEROL  is truly a silent killer.  Your body works much better when there are healthy numbers to work with.  Taking your cholesterol medication can be an easy decision if you examine the statistics.  People live longer with statins.

OBESITY is an epidemic in our country right now.  How does this happen?

First, people don’t move enough to process the calories consumed.  Secondly, people are now eating a lot of chemicals manufactured for human consumptions.  These eating products are manufactured to eat but they are not food.  Our foods are not able to properly digest these chemical-laden products.

SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE  When I walk down the street on a sidewalk, I notice those around me walking.  Some move rapidly, with purpose, easily.  Others move slowly, with or without purpose, painfully.

I always want to ask them whether they liked moving when they were young.  Some people are totally in their bodies and move easily through life.  Others are not and don’t move easily.  In the final analysis, I ask myself how can I convince a person who doesn’t like to move to walk or run or play a game of some kind.  How can I help them see their bodies in the future?  How can I help them see how much easier it is when they keep their bodies from rusting?

SMOKING is a set-up for an unhealthy end of life.  When I see a person suffering from COPD trying to breathe, I always wonder whether or not they think smoking was the right thing to do.  But, then, I’m sure when a person begins to smoke, COPD is never on anyone’s mind.

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Thurman Greco