Reflexology For The Spirit

You Have on your Screen a Special Healing Blog

You have on your screen the blog with information I would love to have had when I was a young mother with two active, inquisitive children.

This is also the information I would love to have given to my daughters when they started their families.  So now, I pass on this information to you as well as my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to use as they travel through life.

The information in this blog is a ticket to your healing adventures.  After all, wherever you go, if you’re caring for someone else or yourself, you’re on a journey.  This information has you covered.

I’m sharing information which took me decades to discover and organize.  You’ll find it presented in easy, practical, uncomplicated ways to use in today’s world.

The information I share has stood the test of time.  Medical training isn’t necessary to to read and understand the words on these plot posts.

For thousands of years, reflexology (for example), has been used to successfully treat health issues from common ailments to serious disease.  Because I’m a reflexologist, you’ll find references to this modality on many pages.  That doesn’t mean you need to be a reflexologist to read, understand, or use this book.  It’s there for you if you want to adapt it to your needs.  If you know nothing about reflexology, you can still benefit from its philosophy about health and healing.

Reflexology teaches you this:  Your body is different every day.

My healing practice teaches you this:  your body is not just physical.  Indeed, your components include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects.

Future blog posts will focus on your health, healing, and wellness.  I’ve planned posts on your body systems.  I’ll include important foods in each system as they apply to its healing.

I’ve planned future posts focusing on chakras.

I plan to list more and more ailments and remedies alphabetically.
Each entry will include spiritual qualities unique to that specific disease.  I’ll be listing essential oils although I won’t be describing how to use them.  That is a different subject entirely.

These blog posts are designed to be practical and easily adaptable to your needs.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Thurman Greco

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And, enjoy good health!