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Five Things You Can Do For Your Good Health

Good health is not that hard to achieve.  Really.  When it comes down to a bottom line, five things are essential to establishing and maintaining your good health.


Do you smoke?  Reduce your habit to five cigarettes a day.  When you are  down to five, you can get to zero with little effort.

Join a smokers’ support group.

Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback both offer successful results for many smokers.

The bottom line is this:  Do whatever you have to do to give up this habit.


This is a high priority.  Losing or gaining weight to reach your ideal weight for your good health gets harder with every passing year so the younger you are when you work on your weight, the easier it will be.

Weight Watchers is a good support group.

An interested nutritionist can help you reach your desired goal and include specific foods contributing to your continued good health at the same time.  You’ll get twice the bang for your buck with a nutritionist.

An example of this:  If you need to gain or lose  weight and you have heart health issues, a nutritionist can work on the weight issues along with your heart issues.  I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to do a couple of things together.  I get all involved in the different aspects of synchronicity.


Many wellness gurus teach five servings of fruits and vegetables are a minimum number for a well nourished person to eat daily.  This five serving recommendation is easy for me to pass on.  And, it’s also easy to have fun with.

I like the concept of thinking about which five fruits and vegetables will be on my  plate today.  Planning ahead for each day’s selection gives them focus and importance.

I also like the idea that advance planning gives me a chance to play and experiment a bit.  You can do this too.  It’s easier than you think.  All you have to do is choose one new vegetable or fruit each week.

Take it home and learn what it’s called.  What countries is it commonly grown in?  Learn how to cook it, store it, combine it with other foods, and finally how to eat it.

If you learn about one new fruit or vegetable each week, your dietary skills will be vastly different in a year.  Adventure!


This can be a drudgery or it can be fun.  Your good health options are open here.  Participate in  one or more activities  regularly.  The point is to keep yourself active  daily as you go throughout your life.

You can put in as much time or money as you want here.

You can also combine exercise with other daily habits. I wear an exercise watch which beeps when I’m not moving enough.  It also congratulates me when I’ve gone beyond my daily goal.

I went out and got a second job which requires that I stay off my seat and on my feet.  So, I’m making money while exercising.  I enjoy this a lot.


This can be a biggie.  Stress contributes to many health problems.  Like the sleep suggestion a few pages back, you’ll find a chapter on stress later in this book.  Things like meditation, walks, laughter, sharing, singing, nature bathing, journaling, drawing can help you avoid stress.

Stress relief is important – just as important as your diet and exercise.

Thank you for reading this blog post.  Please refer it to your favorite media network.

Thurman Greco