Reflexology For The Spirit

In a Perfect World…

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We would all be disease free

Our brains would stay sharp

We would all experience  good energy levels

Physical fitness would be very common

Everyone would feel young.

But, we don’t live in a perfect world.   The question is this:  How can we be disease-free physically fit, have sharp brains, experience less stress, feel young?

One way  is to honor our immune system.  It is our immune system which keeps us healthy, disease free, physically fit, mentally sharp.

People visit reflexologists regularly as they strive to prevent as much disease as possible.  And, they are correct to do this.  As reflexologists, we work to facilitate homeostasis – bring balance.

Focusing on the immune system is important, not only for the diseases we think about:  colds, flu, etc., but for many other diseases we consider to be lifestyle or aging diseases:


thyroid disease


rheumatoid arthritis


When the immune system is out of balance, it can become overactive.  An overactive  immune system participates in the aging process  as it encourages autoimmune diseases.

As a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner, you are important to the health maintenance of your client partners.  Your client partners will be healthier when their immune systems function at peak levels.  An immune system functions at its peak when it  successfully fights off viruses, bacteria, parasites.

Encourage your clients to  contribute to a healthy immune system.   As a reflexologist, you offer sessions and you also work to ground your client partners so they can do everything they need to do to keep themselves healthy:

breathe properly and therapeutically

eat a diet which is healthy for the individual

sleep sufficiently


smell the flowers

This is really what Marge d’Urso meant when she emphasized that reflexologists work with the whole client partner as we offer homeostasis.

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Thurman Greco

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