Reflexology For The Spirit

Forgiveness Meditation with Mary, Queen of Angels

Virgin Mary

Find a quiet place:

A room, or a corner of a room.

A garden.

A place in a park.

Any place where you can be quiet and relax.

Sit quietly as you feel  tension leave your body.  Feel it drain out of your fingertips and toes.

Take a few breaths.  Breathe deeply as you inhale and then exhale.

Now, in your mind, take yourself to a meadow.  Sit quietly on a rock located in this meadow.  Look around you and notice all you see.

You have come to this meadow to learn to offer forgiveness.  You’ve tried throughout your life to offer forgiveness at times when you feel you’ve been wronged.  You’ve never felt truly successful in your efforts to forgive someone.

So, you are here today, sitting quietly on a rock located in a meadow.

A person comes to join you.  You see Mother Mary, the Queen of Angels.

As she  comes to join you, take note of how she looks.  What color are her robes?  What is her hair like?  What does her face look like?  Try to notice every detail.

She joins you to help you learn to forgive.  Mary will remain with you as long as you need while she assists you in your efforts to forgive.

Mary is here to teach you…

without words,

without pictures…

how to be silent and learn to forgive.

Spend time with her in deep silence, meditating on  teachings she offers you now. You know that, as the mother of Jesus, she experienced life events requiring serious forgiveness.  Mary persevered.  You feel now the experiences Mary had in her life which caused her to learn to live the act of forgiveness.

It’s not necessary to know anything about Mary in order to understand what she’s teaching you.  It’s not necessary to be a Catholic, or a Christian even.  Mary is recognized not only in Christian theology, but also in Orthodox and Muslim teachings.  Mary’s story is universal, touching us all.  Her life motivates us to all learn to forgive.  Mary belongs to all of us…no matter what our religious beliefs.

When you feel that you have absorbed all you can at this time,  you know  it is best to go.  You thank Mary, Queen of Angels for visiting with you and for teaching you to forgive.

You know  Mary is here for you.  Feeling gratitude, love, light, you know you can return to this meadow  any time you need to visit with Mary again.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Michele Garner created  the artwork for today’s article.

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