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7 Ways the Brain is Enhanced in a Reflexology Session

nervous system chart


The brain is the control center for the body.  As with other organs of the body, very little is known about what the brain actually does.  We know that it houses memories, tells the heart to beat, processes sight and hearing. Scientists are discovering exactly how the brain works.

The brain and the mind are different things.  No one knows how the mind works.

When the brain reflex point is worked, several things happen:

The body’s sense of equilibrium begins to activate itself.

The neurological functions become energized.

Both physical and emotional reactions  seek balance.

The physical and emotional activities are more controlled.

Organic functions are regulated.

Emotional stress is calmed.

Sleep activities are balanced.

Brain reflex points are located on the tips of the toes on both feet – especially the tips of the big toes.

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