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Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome is a collection of many uncomfortable symptoms  accompanying women’s menstrual cycles.

PMS causes the following symptoms:

negative  moods


food cravings

fluid retention

decreased energy


emotional imbalance

weight gain

water retention



And, that’s not the whole list.  It’s just the symptoms that came to mind first.

PMS is on the rise.  It’s a situation  made worse  by stressful situations in women’s lives as well as increased toxicity caused by artificial hormones now found in increasing quantities in our food, water, and environment in general.

On the spiritual level,  PMS flourishes in situations where women suffer with anger, confusion, fear, frustration, inferiority, rejection, self-doubt.  PMS accompanies situations where women feel a need to hold on to past hurts they’ve received from men.  Women suffering with PMS experience a need for more strength and power.

Dietary changes can often help:

Eat more  fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy,  vegetables, whole grains.

Eat less dairy, fat meat, and sugar.

Eating organic foods is important because they have fewer environmental estrogens.

Detoxing the intestinal tract and liver will help.

It will be helpful to take probiotics.  In order to be sure you’re not wasting your money, consult with Liz at Village Vitality (Woodstock Apothecary ) 845-679-0790.  Liz will also work with you to determine if you are getting enough of the proper vitamins and minerals for your situation.

Overcoming the negative aspects of PMS will probably not happen overnight but the situation will improve over time…especially if you include regular reflexology sessions to encourage homeostasis.

When offering reflexology for the spirit to a client-partner suffering with PMS, begin by working the endocrine system.  Focus on the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, ovary, and uterus reflexes.

Work the nervous system as you focus on the brain reflexes.

Work the urinary system as you focus on the kidney reflexes.

Finish the session by working the solar plexus and liver.

If cramps are involved, use the following protocol:

Begin the session by working the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.

Work the endocrine system and focus on the thyroid,  parathyroid gland reflexes and the uterus reflexes.

Finish the session by focusing on the spine and spinal cord reflexes.

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