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A Very Common but Rarely Discussed Health Issue – Hemorrhoids

AS WE AGE, MORE AND MORE OF US SUFFER WITH HEMORRHOIDS.   This makes sense when we realize that aging is part of the situation.  Spiritually,  as we age, some of us develop an inability to let go of life events.  We develop a feeling that life has been unfair as we become critical of ourselves as well as others.  Fear is always a factor in hemorrhoids.  Fear, anger, lack of self-confidence  Many of us cling to beliefs, opinions that are outdated.

ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL, HEMORRHOIDS ARE VARICOSE VEINS IN THE RECTUM AND ANUS AREAS.  They are considered to be harmless unless they become infected or rupture.  So, hemorrhoids become a part of our daily lives as the bowel movement becomes slower than we want and more difficult.

CHRONIC CONSTIPATION, PERSISTENT DIARRHEA, PROLONGED SITTING, PREGNANCY, AND ANAL INTERCOURSE CONTRIBUTE TO HEMORRHOIDS.  Softening the stool, eating a high fiber diet, and being hydrated, help prevent hemorrhoids.

WHEN YOU OFFER REFLEXOLOGY TO A PERSON SUFFERING WITH HEMORRHOIDS,  begin by working the digestive system as you focus on the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder reflexes.

Work the endocrine system as you focus on the adrenal gland reflexes.

Work the intestinal reflexes.

Finish the session by working the liver and solar plexus.

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Thurman Greco

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