Reflexology For The Spirit

Cirrhosis – indeed, a spiritual disease

THE LIVER PERFORMS MANY MORE FUNCTIONS THAN WE HUMANS KNOW ABOUT OR UNDERSTAND.   It’s an emotional organ, and a quite large organ at that.

MORE WOMEN SUFFER FROM CIRRHOSIS THAN MEN.    And, although we think of cirrhosis as a disease of alcoholics, it’s not always necessary to drink oneself into this disease.  Spiritually, the liver begins to break down and cirrhosis rears its ugly head when a person experiences frustration, aggression, rage, guilt, fear.  Sometimes, when a person begins to sabotage personal progress, cirrhosis becomes a reality.  In any event, the constant inner struggles encourage the disease.

LIFE EVENTS CAN CONTRIBUTE TO CIRRHOSIS.  They include long term exposure to toxic chemicals, infection with Hepatitis B, C, D, or E, medication with steroids.

Reflexology helps bring about homeostasis which can be very important for the cirrhosis sufferer’s well-being.

When offering reflexology to a person suffering with cirrhosis, begin with the endocrine system and focus on the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Work the digestive system as you focus on the liver and gallbladder  reflexes.

Work the urinary system as you focus on the kidney reflexes.

End the session by working the liver again and the solar plexus.

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Thurman Greco





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