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Guided Meditation – An Angel Brings Forgiveness


Page0002 (2)Begin this guided meditation by putting on some soft music.

Now, get in a comfortable place.  Sit in a comfortable chair, or lay face up on a sofa or sit back in a recliner.  The important thing here is comfort.

Begin this meditation by breathing slowly.  Breathe in relaxation as you take deep breaths.  Breathe out stress, negativity.

Allow yourself to sigh, and yawn.  Stretch if you feel like it.

Pay attention to your body.  Feel your body relax as you breathe in fresh, cleansing air.

Feel your body let go of negativity as you exhale.  Releasing  negativity allows your body to feel a little lighter.  It allows you to relax even more.

Every breath allows you to become more relaxed and to let go of the buildup of negativity.  You begin to feel the warmth of comfort and safety.

As your breathing continues, you find yourself in a meadow…a meadow created just for you.  Your breathing allows you to relax even more in the warmth of the sun.  Your breathing allows you to become one with the meadow.  You become aware of the sights, sounds, fragrances, wildlife, of  the meadow.

This meadow offers you peace.  This meadow offers you an opportunity to let go of negativity.

You look around and see an angel.  This angel  stands beside you in a beautiful clearing with  butterflies, flowers, birds, grasses, trees.

As you see this angel, you realize that now is a time for you to give up past negativity.  This is an opportunity for you to let go of feelings of negativity, being stuck, inferiority, shame, confusion, disappointment.

You turn to the angel.

You see you are being given an opportunity to travel down the different paths of your life.

You are being given an opportunity to safely explore lessons learned through past experiences.

You are being given an opportunity to acknowledge that you no longer need to hold onto negativity, disappointment.

With the angel beside you, you feel empowered – safe.

With the angel beside you, you are ready to offer forgiveness as you grow beyond this negativity that has been holding you back.

With the angel beside you, you are in a space where your heart can open and receive positive energy in the place that once held negativity.

With the angel beside you, you are able to spontaneously accept  giving up negativity of all kinds.  This negativity is replaced by forgiveness not only for  other persons and events but also for yourself.

With the angel beside you, you  are instantly moving forward in life as you embrace new energy and a new life force.

With the angel beside you, you know  all is forgiven…forever.

You turn to the angel and look deeply at this glorious being shrouded in green who has accompanied you on this  journey.  As you examine this angel deeply, you know  you have received an incredible gift…the gift of forgiveness.

You thank the angel for such a generous, life changing gift.

Now you return to the room knowing that the angel  in green is waiting for you any time you want to journey down the path of forgiveness again.

Thank you for reading this guided meditation.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco




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