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Reflexology Blog – Headaches Always Have a Muscular Component


Headaches have many causes:



Emotional Stress

Excessive Noise

Food Allergies

Glaring Light

Poor Diet

Tension in the Neck

Tension in the Shoulder Muscles

Vision Problems

On a spiritual level, the causes are just as numerous:

Feeling out of control




Over thinking

Self Critical


A good first step in dealing with headaches is to figure out what is happening in your life just before a headache begins.  This investigation may require  a headache diary.

Begin by keeping track of everything you are eating.  You want to find out if a food can be the cause of your headaches.  Marge D’Urso always said that two biggest causes of headaches are wheat and dairy.  She recommended that a good first step in dealing with headaches is to give these items up for six weeks.

Keep track of your environment and how it’s affecting you.  Describe your feelings. You’re looking for  evidence of repetitive behavior and/or attitudes which may affect your headaches.

Record your headaches:  location, duration, severity.

There’s a muscular component to all headaches.  Addressing this component involves regular visits to a reflexology for the spirit practitioner.  Regular sessions relieve stress,  encourage homeostasis, improve day-to-day functioning.

Record your sleep patterns.  Is insomnia a factor?

Thyroid and adrenal hormone imbalances can cause headaches.  Visit an endocrinologist.

NOTE:  If you discover that the headaches recur regularly, you need to visit a medical professional.

When offering a reflexology session to a headache sufferer, begin by working the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.

Work the nervous system as you focus on the brain reflexes.

Work the respiratory system as you focus on the sinuses.

Work the digestive system as you focus on the pancreas.

Work the sense organs as you focus on the ears and the eyes.

Work the muscular system as you focus on the arm, shoulder, and neck muscle reflexes.

Work the spinal reflexes.

End the session as you spend a few moments on the liver and solar plexus.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco.

Work the digestive system as you focus on the pancreas.


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