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Page0004 (1)“Every morning, after we do our yoga, we each take a clove of garlic, chop it up and swallow it whole.” – Sara L. and A. Elizabeth Delaney

Americans spend billions of dollars yearly on heartburn relievers, stomach coaters, hemorrhoidal preparations, eye drops, tranquilizers, sleeping pills. nose drops, decongestants.  The pharmacy shelves are lined  with totally worthless items, many of which are expensive.  Many of these over-the-counter products may also be health risks for the users.

Whenever I feel that I need something to ease some type of distress, I get a reflexology session or Reiki therapy session and then, if I still feel like I need something, I take one of two  products:  aspirin or garlic.

For me, aspirin is a true miracle drug.  I doubt seriously if it would pass FDA testing and even get on the market if it were introduced today.  It’s my drug of choice on most everything.  For me, if aspirin and/or reflexology doesn’t help…it’s time to call the physician.   I usually give the aspirin and reflexology  1 day’s  chance before I call her.  (And, I rarely call her.)

Aspirin is a respected pain reliever.

Aspirin is thought by many to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Aspirin is used as a fever reducer.

Aspirin is used to stop aches and inflammation.

Garlic is the other  indispensable item in my arsenal.  Garlic is a true wonder drug which can be eaten raw, cooked, crushed, or chopped.  It can also be taken as a supplement.

Like aspirin, scientists aren’t sure what makes it the miracle worker it is.  What many professionals  agree on, however, is that garlic is the best tonic out there.

Tests have shown that garlic eaters have less stomach and colon cancer.

Tests have shown that garlic lowers cholesterol

Tests have shown that garlic lowers blood pressure.

Tests have shown that garlic helps prevent heart attacks.

Tests have shown that garlic improves brain function.

Tests have shown that garlic acts as an antianxiety drug.

Tests have shown that garlic has antiaging properties.

So…if garlic does all these things, how should it be taken?  Garlic can be taken fresh, powdered, or dried.  Books and magazine articles claim  garlic supplements have the same chemicals as fresh garlic and don’t cause bad breath.  My experience with several different kinds of garlic pills is not that positive.  I get garlic breath from the pills as well as from eating fresh garlic.

Cooked garlic is milder than raw and also is probably not as effective as the raw. (That’s my opinion, anyway.)

So, how much garlic is too much?   Any product or food which claims to be therapeutic can be overdosed.  Eating more than three raw garlic cloves daily has been  known to cause gastric distress.  If you’re taking the supplements, limit your intake to what the manufacturers recommend.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco


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