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Lung Disorders Often Have Grief as an Underlying Factor

Sangi's feetThe respiratory system is often unable to  function well because of infections, inflammation, abscesses, emphysema, and many other diseases.  These conditions are all connected in some way to grief.

When a client partner comes to your table suffering with a lung disorder, begin by working three reflexes:  the diaphragm reflex, the respiratory system focusing on the lung reflexes, and the endocrine system focusing on the adrenal reflexes.  End the session by working the liver and with a solar plexus hold.

Always encourage your client partners to consult a competent health care professional with all respiratory system issues..

Encouraging your client partner to begin to take a sufficient amount of essential fatty acid Omega-3 Oil daily.  This doesn’t mean s/he should go down to the local drugstore and purchase a bottle of pills.  In order for the omega-3 oil to be effective, it needs to be the right kind of oil, the right amount, and the oil needs to have the cleanest origin.

It’s important to get not only your essential fatty acids but also your nutritional supplements from someone you can trust.  I get my oil from Liz Malgieri at Woodstock Apothecary in Woodstock, NY.  Her phone number is 845-679-0790.  I’ve built a trusting relationship with her because I feel she’s a person who knows her products and will not sell something which is either worthless or harmful.  It’s also important to have a person knowledgeable about nutrition, which Liz is.  In the end, I know that I’m going to save money by using Liz because I’m not going to waste money on products which aren’t going to do anything for me.

There are other nutritional supplements which will help people suffering with respiratory system issues.  However, for my money, the one bottom line product which will make a difference in the life of a respiratory system sufferer is Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

For the average healthy adult who is not taking a blood thinner, 3000 milligrams daily is a good basic dose.  To make sure you are going to get the correct  amount add the total of the EPA and DHA numbers one the label.  The number should be 3000.  Then, call your  professional health care practitioner and discuss this decision with him/her.

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Thurman Greco


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